Hi there. It may come as odd to see that here I am, after months of not having much of a presence on the Internet beside the occasional tweets, I back to writing again. I’m also back writing stuff on WordPress. Apparently my work has given me quite the number of skillets to make a more refined process of making themes. Though it didn’t remove the fact that I still suck at designing stuff to be aesthetically appealing. I decided to go to a more conventional route of form and function over beauty. The website you are seeing is made on the Uikit framework that I used many times over the Deremoe site. But this time, the new version of UiKit has matured to a point that its more easier than ever to use and customized. Then there is also the workflow that I’ve develop through the months that I am excited to share to my potential viewers.

What Is Different

Ever since the Deremoe days, my primary focus on writing stuff on the internet has always been about Anime stuff. It is my 2nd passion and has been my source of entertainment whenever I feel like not writing code. But it is also the reason why I can’t sustain a regular schedule in my blog. While I always wanted to do episode blogging. There isn’t much of anything that I can say about an episode. I can say stuff about the first episode. But anything between the first and the last, there isn’t much, particular if we are dealing with a 1 cour show. That left my post-Deremoe blog to fall off after first impressions. I also don’t do events as there isn’t much to say about the regurgitated modus that the local otaku scene has been going. Also, I hate going to Pasay. Besides, who gives a shit about covering events anyway. I’ll just write a separate article about it next time.

So what makes this blog any different? For one, I’m going to open up my scope. Unknown to many, I did ran a short technology blog before I went to Deremoe. But at the time, in order to compete, you need to have the resources to be relevant. That’s is getting access to gadgets and information about them. Also, my college buddy has a lot of free time in his hands that we manage to do weekly podcasts and gained a small following.

With that, I’m going to open my blog to technology. But I won’t be dealing with gadgets but rather on the programming aspects particular web. By trade, I’m a web developer. With that, I’m going to write stuff about my work. The interesting tidbits that I find fancy. I’ll also use this blog as my dev notes dump. Writing information that helped me or problems that I manage to overcome. Just as of this writing, I finally manage to get HTTPs working on my server. While this ain’t new to me. Like, duh, I did setup Deremoe to be on HTTPS. This one is very different. You’ll just have to wait for that.

I’m also opening a few things about me personally. If you see the navigations on the top, you see that there is a travel category. This blog will serve as my repository of travels. Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean going out of town of country. It could involve going to different parts of the metro that I find fancy telling. that part isn’t clear yet, but one this for certain is that I have a trip to Sagada this week so that will be first to show. Reason why I wanted this site to go up fast.

Lastly, with the larger scope, I’m still going to talk about anime. Expect first impressions and reviews of shows every season. Plus other animes or mangas that I find interesting. Though I would have to refrain from reviewing shota manga as I decided that this site should at least be less on the shock value and more wholesome, to an extent.

There you have it. This concludes my first post for the site. Expect post every day or other day at least. Need to get more content up so that this site can be ready for prime time!