AniPlus Goes Local And Its Potential To Shake The Anime Community Landscape

AniPlus Goes Local And Its Potential To Shake The Anime Community Landscape

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On May 25th 2017

AniPlus finally lands to our cable shores and it here to stir up some sweet competiton

Since no one is bothering to write about Aniplus TV being part of our local cable selection. Well, there is one. But there wasn’t much beside mentioning it. So my slumber in the blogging scene has to be interrupted to bring you what I think about this new development.

What Is AniPlus

I’m going to be quick here. AniPlus is a cable channel that is syndicated throughout the Singapore area for quite a while. Seeing the channel via Tribe Philippines I could pit it as the HBO of the Anime inclined. Delivering top-quality anime titles and has the most simulcasted anime shows in SEA. They skew themselves toward the teenage to adult demographic. Seeing that most of the shows are basically shows that airs around midnight. Adding that there’s little to no fluff when it comes to their commercial. Mainly, previews of their shows and some station id branding here and there. I actually spent my afternoon watching back to back episodes of Kids on the Slope during the Holy Week and would’ve continued so in the evening if permits.

Anyhoo~ before AniPlus got syndicated to SKYcable. They already partnered with local streaming service iflix. Showing some of their old line-up like OreImo, Psycho Pass and what not. Then I already mentioned that Tribe Philippines is providing a live feed, plus some video on demand of the latest anime that they’re simulcasting. It was just inevitable that either Cignaltv or SKYcable would finally syndicate the channel and get its presence widespread. Just having one of the two would be enough to spread its influence in the country. Though, I’m not really sure how this plays in the Anime Community in general. But then again, having them here will provide the necessary legitimacy that our Anime loving crowd is a consumer base that is ripe for the picking.

The Potential Impact in the Anime Event Scene

Aniplus TV may perhaps be the new wrench we need to throw in the gears of our already clogged Anime Event scene. They already brought us KanCole movie in our cinema shores. Its inevitable that a large Anime channel with a sizable muscle in Asia would not think about doing a launch party or a carnival to celebrate its landfall. If that is deemed too expensive. A partnership with our already established event organizers. I would bet on the latter since that’s where they went in AFA – ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA in the past. I take given that they are aligning themselves as the “AFA” of the country, and its established partnership with the brand itself. While I couldn’t fathom the marriage, it is the most probable scenario here. Though, I do have some glimmer of hope that Best of Anime would partner so to further skew their demographic to more “hard-lined” Anime fans.

In lieu of the elephant in the room. Animax Asia need to step up its games in retaining its long standing presence in the region. I’ve heard that they’re now paying close attention toward the Anime Bloggers the likes animePH to help them be relevant as a brand. As well as promote anything that they may come up with in the future. Perhaps another Animax Carnival in the works. To me, Animax Asia is loosing its grip in the region. Besides the obvious shift to streaming (legal or otherwise) their anime selection are left to be desired. Unlike the the former, the latter has a lot of excess fluff that makes it a chore to chug through. I’m not really sure, where to begin. But they really need to think of something that would make them appeal to the older crowd. There’s so little left in the moe and kiddie bone to skin.

Oh, last but not the lest, there’s Herotv Cpi. But then again, no one cares anymore. I don’t think they care anymore either. So why should we bother, right?

So that’s my point of view. I manage to finish my task for the night earlier than I expected so I got the time to write this piece. While I do not watch TV as frequent. Aniplus TV seems to me a channel that I could live by watching. Like how I watch ANC 24/7 or HISTORY in my spare time. I just hope that SKYcable syndicate their HD channel. SD seemed half-baked to me.