Impressions: Sagrada Reset

Impressions: Sagrada Reset

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On April 15th 2017

Two teens discovered that they have compatible powers and talk about philosophy in a deadpan manner.

Man, this show is a chore to watch. I think the one person from /r/anime describe this show perfectly.

So… what I got out of 25 minutes is that HanaKana can reset time, but doesn’t remember actually doing so once it happens, and the main character has Reading Steiner. […] The episode was essentially characters standing around talking in very, very monotonous voices while the director got so bored that he just started showing backgrounds with power lines.

Despite that it manages to get me interested somewhat. I just have to watch early on or I’ll tear my already thinning hair on what philosophical banter they will sprout out of their mouth. The characters are so full of themselves. Well, besides the female lead. Also voiced by the famous KanaHana. The male MC is rubs me off like those SJW you see on Facebook. They have this brand of Justice that they believe but breaks them whenever it doesn’t fit in the situation. At least the third-wheel acknowledge the MC’s hypocrisy and plays it along just so that two character hook up. They’re a match made in heaven. One’s unaware of her feeling why the other is blinded by his warped idea of “good.” Helping the loli was a good setup on what they can do as a team. It also opens the possibility of learning along side their “case-of-the-day schtic” that they will do in the future. Who knows and I’m not excited on that part yet.

Overall, I’ll stick around for a while. Not sure if I can keep up or the main characters will bore me to death with their dialog. I’ve survived 2 episodes, what’s worse that can happen?