First Impressions: Re-Creators

First Impressions: Re-Creators

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On April 16th 2017

I Thought I Was A Regular Japanese High School Student But Then My Waifu Became Real And Now I Am Embroiled In A Plot To Stop Other Anime And Light Novels Characters From Killing Off Their Studios and Authors.

Pretty much what is stated in the blurb I got on /r/anime. Bunch of characters from various Japanese media pop out of their world to give their creators their piece of mind. A bland high school boy got dragged in the middle of it and he just stands there while his harem slowly forms. Yeah, the story has a tad-bit or originality to it. Just a tad-bit. The into the real world troupe has been with us so many times, and has been done well enough that its only remaining catch is that short 15 min of surprise. So far, we have the mecha fantasy girl, the magical fantasy girl, the other magical fantasy girl from the shoujo genre. Then there’s the dude from a fighting manga?

I’m not feeling the characters so far. The female cast are generic but tolerable. The wizard girl can sometimes be pretentious at certain times. The main character just opens his mouth in awe. The heroine is the only one that is driving the show really. It isn’t that hard if you are pitted with a bunch of blokes. At least the whole aesthetic of the show is pretty. The fight scenes are great. The musical scores are great. People I read compared this show to Guilty Gear. You know, that multi-talented ensemble anime that went bonkers. A classic project of having too many cooks in the kitchen type of disaster. This show isn’t a disaster per-se, yet, but it isn’t anything that puts an anime boner in my pants. Well, beside that crotch shot of the male MC. But that’s just grasping for crumbs there.

Overall, the production is rock-solid but it doesn’t offer anything besides that. It kinda reminds me of what makes Apple devices to me. Yeah its pretty, but its nothing but an overprice, under powered device. This show is pretty and cool, but ones the flare and glare are gone, I don’t think it can hold my attention any longer.