Impressions: Kabuki Group

Impressions: Kabuki Group

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On April 15th 2017

Perky lad goes and make a Kabuiki group.

By now, you would notice that IT’S NOT RAKUGO. No, that shit is gold and it should be preserved in an Anime vault to be referenced in future generations. No. This isn’t a watered down version of Rakugo either. Its not copying, its merely touching on the same string, centering around one of the traditional entertainment of Japan besides Rakugo.

Anyway, I’m really digging this show. Yeah, the MC is a shota, but his unbridled enthusiasm and determination is just something to be amazed at. It kinda reminds of Shou from Ginga E Kickoff. Don’t know? Well, its an obscure anime about an enthusiastic MC building his own football team. I doubt anyone had seen it. But its there and I suggest people should watch it. Despite being a kid show, its does touched a lot of interesting things that adult viewers would appreciate. It kinda one of those “My Little Pony” things that people outside of its fanbase scratch their head and wonder what’s all the fuzz is about.

Moving back, the MC reminds me a lot of Shou from Ginga E Kickoff. This MC is knows his stuff than your typical enthusiastic chump. He may charge head-first into battle but manages to boostrap his way into conversation causing the other party to cave in. The whole shtick of our MC trying to establish the club reflects on Shou’s way of establishing his football club, albeit, in a slow-paced manner. I find the whole thing shounen-esque but it works for me that other characters are interesting enough. Not much is revealed but as far as the second episode goes, I never expected the dancer to “out” himself. Of course, being feminine doesn’t make him a homosexual. But I couldn’t understand why they have to effeminate his character that way.

Lastly, I’m surprised that CLAMP was doing the character design for the show. My last CLAMP show was Code Geasse and that was a long time ago. But since they aren’t writing the story here. I just want to express my likeness of their current design. They’re actually, ordinary. It Reminds me a lot of Earth Defense blah blah Magical Boys show in the aesthetic.

Overall, its interesting. This is going to be a slow-burn for me, but I hope that free-flowing enthusiasm and the well of wisdom of his grandfather grace us for many episode to come.