Impressions: As the Moon, so Beautiful (Tsuki ga Kirei)

Impressions: As the Moon, so Beautiful (Tsuki ga Kirei)

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On April 15th 2017

Two Teenagers on the cusp of puberty find their first love.

Shota tendencies aside. This is a very pretty Anime! The production quality is top-notch. But it also has the air of similarity if you’re an ol bloke like me, since much of the style screams Wandering Son. That ye ol anime from 6 years ago the heavily tackle on gender identity that pretty much raised some interesting discussion (and eyebrows). It also one of the few Animes at the time that tackle such heavy topic outside its traditional demographic. Besides the wash-out pastel palette and the over-abundance of scenery shots the established the frame of its scene. It also pushes on the “the devil is in the details” mantra. Where much of what in the story is pretty much told in a visual manner. The detail drawn between the characters, their mannerism and the expression convey thought that is expounds the moment more than its explicitly says. I really like these kinds of shows, where it knows that the viewers has eyes and they can discern what they see and know how to use visual cues. Its good that Anime these days are starting to get the hang of it. But we’re still ways ahead on being able to exploit this thing between our nose.

While I did say that the show reminds me a lot of Wandering Son, in terms of its package. A lot of the staff that did Wanderin Son were not involve in this project. Rather, it features an interesting set of cast that I never realized I would appreciate. For one, this is directed by no other than Seiji Kihsi whom work .. er .. ruined good shows like: Hamatora, Ranpo Kitan, Humanity Has Declined and many more. Whom mostly does Anime derived from video games. He has a habit of sloppily adapting the show “frame-by-frame” and does no effort in making the story stick to the “Anime” medium it intended. While he did have shows that fans praised, like Angel Beats. I can’t help but point it more to its source material than the brilliance of the director. While I did enjoy Angel Beats, there’s a lot to it that could’ve been expounded. But then again, we got what we have.

As for his work in this series, so far I’m liking his direction. Mainly like I had said many times. He uses the medium as intended. The use of scenery, gestures, mannerisms, expressions all compounded to tell a vivid picture of what the characters are and how they tick. I don’t know how he did it or what. I am liking the way he is doing it. Maybe, he got around a copy of Wandering Son and finding it interesting. Who knows. I just hope he doesn’t jinx this like his all other shows.


Another thing I like to mention is that the studio behind this. Studio FEEL whom done interesting works like the KissXSis franchise, whom deals about some bloke who’s down on his luck having to live with two horny STEP-sisters (emphasis on the STEP) while managing to control his biological cravings like holding to an orgasm while masturbating. They did manage to produce wholesome content, to which the only one I remember is Brave Story then this one as its recent. While technically the series is WHOLESOME for the most part. It doesn’t shy away in having some “hormones” running lose in a few scene. But then again, those are placed in the right moments the adds to the context of the scene. Hey, falling in love isn’t just about feelings. Its also driven by our attraction to the opposite sex features what not. That’s just how it goes.

Lastly, since I mentioned Wandering Son. While Wandering Son has an ensemble cast of characters. They often get criticized for being too mature for their roles. This show on the other hand, manages to portray middle school characters as you normally would. First crushes, aspiring dreams, and the awkward discovery of ones self toward the other is all part of growing up. This show doesn’t disappoint that, at least for now.

So, to end this long post. My point being is that this show is great! I’m not the kind of person who loves these kinds of shows. My former co-writer Mikki Eugenio would be the ideal person for this. But given the way it is packaged makes it palatable for me to watch. I’ll give this show a thumbs up.