First Impressions: Kenka Banchō Otome: Girl Beats Boys

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On April 16th 2017

Pretty girl in boys clothes goes to a delinquent academy full of handsome feisty boys.

It a pretty short series. I think it fits the format quite well. Its kinda like a reverse-harem Tenjou Tenge with the naughty bits cut out. You can also notice that they’re pretty careful in their animation budget. At least its not Studio Shuka kinds of budget / time constraints where there’s hardly any in-betweens. It’s just low-budget. But hey, at least it colorful. The character designs are neat. Not shota, mind you. But I can get by with the characters looks. I like the orange dude. I like demn hot! The reverse trap MC is ok, but she’s a girl so that’s just a sad realization for me.
Animation and story-wise, its okay. While I did mention the budget constraints. They at least know where to put the animation budget where it should. That fight sequence in the end was bad ass. I just hope we can at least get a few more of it in the future episodes. Story-wise, it does have the right hook. Main heroine goes to a delinquent school out of a favor. Got involved with a bunch of handsome dudes wanting to be the ALPHA dog of the group. I would bet they would also have perky personalities that people would root for later on. It’s a Otome game for crying out loud.
Overall, this is perhaps the third short in my watch list. The last one being that Hana Kana shtick.