First Impressions: Fumeki Noise

First Impressions: Fumeki Noise

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On April 15th 2017

Gosh this show is embarrassing.

Aside from Kimi Todoke, I’m not really a fan of Shoujo love stories. Its not about the story, its the art style that makes me shy a way from it. But Fumeki Noise on the other hand just got me piqued. Though, there are moments in the series that I find cringe-y and perhaps because I just couldn’t fathom why these people are being so irrational.

Anyway, great start. While the MC childhood sweetheart troupe is a staple in many love stories. I like that it brew two childhood sweethearts and make them rivals. But it is something with my limited knowledge that made it stick out to me. I also like the whole “band” setup and while on it, actually manage to perform. A feat that a certain light music club that I know could not. Those cake eating lazy bums.

I don’t have much to comment on the first episode besides what I mentioned above. Well, other than the characters embarrassing themselves. Why do these people run away whenever they feel “fuwa fuwa”? Why do these people just run amok without thinking their actions? Can’t they be professionals and finish the God Damn song! Lastly, please be professionals with each other. Why are you bailing out, just because “you’re jealous” or “I saw my childhood sweetheart” in a middle of a very important performance. Its both embarrassing and frustrating at the same time. But still, the characters and the music manage to reel me in. At least its doing something I like.

Overall, its a decent Shoujo show. I haven’t watched a Brains Base show in quite a while. The last one was The Monster Sitting Next To You or something that I can’t remember. Anyway, good stuff. Not my kind of show, though. These are one of those Raging Teen Hormones thing that Jay Agonoy categories for Mikki Eugenio, Still, will tune in until it gets boring or cringe-y whoever comes first.